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Quartz Deluxe Studio Villa

The Deluxe villa Quartz offers a unique view of the ocean thanks to its perfect location. This villa is perfect for renewal. The name Quartz was inspired by the universal features of the stone such as protection, purification, and cleansing. This villa is equipped with king size bed, kitchen, coffee machine, mini fridge, speakers, ceiling fans, AC, safe deposit box, and hairdryer. 

Welcome to our spacious rooms. The Villas in Vista del Alma have 40m2 plus a balcony of 30m2. The opening of the space allows greater enjoyment of art, woodwork and internal decoration. Find the place you need to be happy, rested and curious to discover the magical beach of Santa Teresa.


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The Villas

Agate Studio Villa
Jade Luxury Suite
Aquamarine Studio Villa
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