Updated: Jan 23

We’re the Ben Omri family and we live in the beach paradise of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, a place where luscious green mountains, crystal clear water and white sand abounds. We’ve found the perfect place where we want to relax and find an inner connection with our souls while enjoying the beauties that this town has to offer.

We’re a small family that has found home within the green and humid jungle of Santa Teresa. We’ve found a place were we purchased a piece of land with a spectacular ocean view and decided on building a luxurious boutique resort named Vista del Alma, a place where you’ll get soul dreaming experiences as well as connecting with your true self. Finding this connection with your true self comes from a very personal perspective of ours, which we believe in creating by allowing you to experience nature and hospitality in a luxurious manner. The two brothers in our family have designed and built the villas with wood.

We’ve used these materials to create a natural ambience in the inside of your villa while you’re surrounded by the luscious green trees, mountains and enjoy a lovely, wonderful view of the beautiful blue ocean. Along with this natural bliss, the local artist Maayan Revach has decorated the interiors with her own paintings that are inspired by Santa Teresa.

We’ve made sure to blend nature, art, and hospitality in our soul dreaming boutique villas resort by creating an enhancing experience that takes in spirituality as an important part of our concept. Our mother has implemented this concept into Vista del Alma to enjoy an experience of soul dreaming where you can connect to yourself as well as with the nature surrounding us through peace and hospitality. We’ve incorporated this spirituality element by naming our villas after crystals and semiprecious stones to create a sense of peace and mindfulness.

We’ve done this to honor our parents’ lifelong dream of having their own beautiful place to host visitors in a luxurious manner. The lifelong dream of having a boutique resort in a paradisiacal place such as Santa Teresa has now become a family dream. That’s why we invite you to come to Vista del Alma, a soul dreaming luxurious resort and lifelong dream of a small family. We encourage you visit us to connect with nature and yourself in the blissful beach town of Santa Teresa surrounded by luscious green mountains, a blue ocean and a bountiful jungle

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