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Amethyst Studio Villa with private Jacuzzi

Amethyst Studio Villa will provide you with the relaxing energy needed after days of adventure or work.

Allow the ocean sound to soothe away the day-to-day stress and enjoy a restful sleep. The spectacular oceanfront views will take your breath away. The Villa offers a private jacuzzi, balcony, espresso machine, mini fridge, safe deposit box, hair dryer, and living room area. And just like the amethyst crystal is known to cleanse the energy around us we hope that you find here renewed energy to take with you.

Welcome to our spacious rooms. The Villas in Vista del Alma have 40m2 plus a balcony of 30m2. The opening of the space allows greater enjoyment of art, woodwork and internal decoration. Find the place you need to be happy, rested and curious to discover the magical beach of Santa Teresa.


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The Villas

Agate Studio Villa
Jade Luxury Suite
Aquamarine Studio Villa
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